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Chronicles of the Judean War

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Is Bill Gates Jewish?

                                                                   ALL JEWS

Crypto Jew Pseudo Christian

Greg Dixon, a Masonic friend and informant who is deeply connected with Freemasonry, tells me Bill Gates is hiding from the goyim public the fact that he is really a Jew. Dixon said Bill Gates Sr. made the decision along time ago to hide the fact he is Jewish because he thinks there are too many prominent Jews in America and didn't want people to gain suspicion, so he became a Christian. Bill Gates Sr. has a history of doing this, if you check his bio on Wikipedia, it says he changed his name from Bill Gates II to simply Bill Gates Jr. "to avoid the appearance of elitism".

Dixon said Bill Gates mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, also went along with the ruse of concealing their Jewishness, by going to the extremes of having an oil painting portrait done of her to make her look Aryan, in attempts to gloss over the fact she is really a Jew. Who does this?

If you check Bill Gates bio on Wikipedia [owned by Jews] it says he is claiming to be of English, German and Scottish-Irish decent, something Dixon says is a blatant lie. Every person of English, German and or Scottish-Irish decent should be deeply concerned by this “elite” Jew perpetrated deception.

Crypto Jew Boy - Bill Gates

Why do Jews hide their race? Why would Bill Gates want to deceive people? According to Dixon, the decision to camouflage Bill Gates true identity as a Jew is partly based upon the “elite” Jews need to make Christians look smarter than they really are, used as a psychological recruitment tool to try and bring more Christians into the Churches to be brainwashed [Bing].

However, the main reason Dixon said Bill Gates is masquerading as a quasi Christian, even though he is really a Jew, is because there are too many prominent Jews, and they are worried that if his true identity as a Jew was ever revealed, it would put over the edge the fact that Jews own everything in America.

Dixon said Bill Gates was groomed for, and ultimately in the best position of all the “elite” Jews to fool the goyim into believing he is a computer mastermind, and thus, was chosen by the colluded “elite” Jews to act as their “front-man” for leading the computer age and its operating system software. The operating system software everyone in the world will use to communicate with, and must be in the hands of the Jews by proxy. Bill Gates and Microsoft did not create “Windows”, they just threw Jewish money at it, and purchased it for 100K from two Aryans in California [PBS], who actually did create it.

Dixon said the main reason the “elite” Jews want to be in control of the premier operating system software in the world, is so they can spy on everyone who uses their product, and keep a dossier on their activities, making sure all potential legitimate threats against the “elite” Jewry are neutralized, all in their Jewish quest for world domination. They are watching and listening to you on it now.

Dixon said Microsoft’s world wide “deceitful business practices” of copyright infringement and hostile takeovers, of which Microsoft is internationally known for, are used and designed to stifle a truly free and innovative open software operating system marketplace from fully thriving and reaching its full evolutionary potential. An evolution the Jews want to control, but not be accused of controlling.

Dixon said, by Bill Gates hiding the fact that he is Jewish, he is deflecting international criticism for his business practices onto English, German and Scottish-Irish innocents, races he cons the worldwide goyim populace into falsely laying blame upon in this arena. Microsoft has been sued many times for these practices that only the “elite” Jews could get away with, and are colluded masters at.

Dixon said all of the original founders of Microsoft from 1978 are Jewish, and are in collusion to keep it that way, simply by buying out, hostilely taking over, or simply stealing from any company that shows a potential intellectual threat to Microsoft’s dominance in the software operating system market. A marketplace according to Dixon, which in reality, is run and controlled solely by "elite" Jews [Microsoft, Apple, Linux].

All Jews

Dixon said the all Jewish Microsoft team from 1978 was organized by the “elite” Jews, as the Jews must have control of all the operating system software as a means to keep tabs on everyone, allowing other races to take control would jeopardize the “elite” Jews millennia of controlling intellectual properties and people they are trying to disseminate off the planet.

These Microsoft Jews then used their Jewish money to swindle the true creators [Aryans] out of the operating system they created [Windows], as well as to purchase the minds of the creative non-Jewish [Indians] workers needed to sustain their dominance in the industry. Money rules the world, and the Jews rule the money.

The majority of cops in America are of German or Irish decent, and are Christians. They are on the front line of the [Jewish manipulated] “police state” control system in America - it has to help them feel good about themselves, if they believe they are genetically connected to [intellectual impostor] “mastermind”, Bill Gates. Likewise, it has to help the “elite” Jews have a police force that believes they are intellectually superior to all others, including the “elite” Jews, who they are completely unaware of, and who fool them badly.

What has Bill Gates ever done for the English, German, Scottish or Irish people? Has he ever even visited his proclaimed homelands? All true English, German, Scottish and Irish people should file a class-action law suit against Microsoft and Bill Gates for lying about his race to the world, we should not let him get away with this trickery.